Leave your general feedback and film suggestions here …. all first time posters must be approved so do not post same thing more than once.

HD requests only – if you do not see a blu-ray release for it or know there is not one then make your request for the film at SpookyFlix Upscales where we handle SD/DVD movies.

Requests MUST BE limited to no more than 2 films at a time. Double check the year you provide to insure not only you get the right movie but also that it can be found. It would be very helpful if you would supply the IMDB link for each movie in your request for our reference. MANY TIMES THE YEAR YOU PROVIDE IS NOT THE YEAR IT IS DISTRIBUTED UNDER AND THE LINKS ARE NOT FOUND.

Upgraded posts/movies are no longer moved. You can see the list here.

If you find a link that is broken – use the comment section for that movie to request a new link and a new link will be provided if available.

EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEGRAM: @Spookyflix

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