Why are there so many links that come up as no longer available?

SpookyFlix had a slow start in late 2018. We spent all of the rest of 2018 and then 2019 populating SpookyFlix. There were few customers, but the file host had not started removing files yet. Then COVID – SpookyFlix skyrocketed to a level 4 and stayed there for a bit and even made level 6 at one time. These upper levels assured that the files were not removed for inactivity and these levels are only attained by having subscribers – paying customers. We had 3 PCs running 24/7 and managed to add up to 10 new movies a day. In this way, we were able to build the site up to a staggering 13 terabytes!! THEN COVID ended and people stopped hanging at home and within 2-3 months we were back down to level 1 and that meant we were many terabytes over the limit with the file host so they started deleting files as fast they could.

The file host rules are that if a file has not been downloaded for 90 days, they temporarily delete it and you must decide if you want to make the deletion permanent or give it another 90 days. If you choose another 90 days and it does not get any downloads during that period of time then they delete it again, but this time permanently. (Or until someone requests it and it is reposted.)

During COVID, we had several thousand visits a day and almost every movie was being downloaded regularly so there were no deletions for quite some time. Once the deletions started, we tried to replace the links as soon as they were deleted but as already noted the file host had become “delete happy” and there was no way to keep up. SO the decision was made to leave the movie posts “as is” and have people request them when they wanted them. Subsequently, there have been few complaints when it comes to replacing links. There are replacements always ready to go and sometimes even some upgrades because we are always trying to get the best versions.

We spend MOST of our time either converting or gathering for SpookyFlix. Our dedication speaks for itself and you can rest assured that we can provide the movies you want during your subscribership and the hassle is minimal for all. Any of you that have been around for a minute or two knows this to be the truth  …. we got you!

– SpookyFlix Admin


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