This website was created for all dedicated adult fans of movies who simply cannot afford to buy their favorite films over and over just to get the best release. Many of us have purchased what we had hoped at the time was the ultimate version of our favorite films only to discover that a few months later there was a better version already available. Then, because the distributors have only a limited number of copies for sale, all of the copies are bought up quickly and that edition then goes into OOP status before we have a chance to purchase it. The final outrage is that some of the people that buy these films then re-sell them on eBay for far more than they are worth because they know they cannot be bought anywhere else and it is the struggling fan that loses out in the end.

Try as we might, there is no way for us to cover every version here at SpookyFlix, so we try to procure the best links for the best releases that we can. It is our hope that in the end you will be able to make an informed purchase so you can get the actual physical copy, if it is not OOP, which is going to look far better than the encodes listed and plus you get all the extras that come with each release. (Booklets, posters, interviews, featurettes, etc..) Also, you will be supporting the companies that make/remaster the films so that they can continue to do so. It is very important that those of you who can afford to do so buy the movies that you like. A lot of people invest their time and energy in the making of these movies and we would like to see them continue to do so.

In addition, most of our traffic comes from countries(i.e. India) that simply either do not have access to the movies or cannot afford the luxury of a blu-ray movie over food.  No movie fan should miss out for any reason.

The files are hosted by services that allow free downloading but at a very slow speed and only one at a time. If you want to get fast, multiple downloads or watch them online you must pay the fees that the service requests. This out of our control and there is nothing we can do about it. If we can find the files on hosts that do not require payment for fast speeds we will provide them. Please let us know of any links on such hosts that you have verified the quality of the files.

All films include an English Stereo track unless another language is specified in the post. Many include a surround sound track that is also English unless otherwise specified. Finally, there may be English commentary tracks that will be mentioned in the post if they exist.

Subtitle links are included if available. If they do not come with the release then all efforts are made to get them from other sources.

The information provided for each film is obtained from the IMDB listing for each film. The posters used for the films are picked at random for their looks and usually, but not always, match the version of the film that is posted.

Video Nasty” designation does not necessarily mean it was an actual “Video Nasty”. These video releases were not brought before the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) due to a loophole in film classification laws that allowed videos to bypass the review process.  As a result, this produced a glut of potentially censor-able video releases, which led to public debate concerning the availability of these films to children due to the unregulated nature of the market. Some passed without edits – some did not. Some were prosecuted – some were not. All were controversial.

Most of the films we have links to contain gratuitous gore and nudity throughout. We also have links to films classified as hardcore XXX films. No one under the age of adulthood for their region should view the films we link to.

Lastly, we are back to having advertisements. This site may offer free movies but the running of the site is not free. If you cannot afford to pay for the premium service which allows us to recoup some of the funds, then please donate whatever you can to us directly or disable your adblockers and allow our ads. Anything you can do is very helpful.


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