This website is for the “True Horror Fans” and the “Weekend Horror Fans” alike. There are many of us who cannot afford to double and triple dip for all of the remasters constantly flooding the market. To make things worse, the best ones quickly go into OOP status and people who care about nothing more than making as much money as possible from them then sell them for outrageous amounts on eBay. SpookyFlix cannot cover every version of a film that is released but we will strive to make the best versions available to all.

The films are encoded so that they will be compatible with 99% of the devices out there. No subscription service is needed to watch them – play them from ANYWHERE on ANY DEVICE. The codecs used are common on all devices.

The information provided for each film is obtained from the IMDB listing for each film. The posters used for the films are picked at random for their looks and will only occasionally match the version of the film that is posted.

Sample video clips have been, and are still being, added to many of the posts. There are no current plans to make preview clips for all of the films listed. YouTube videos are not pixel for pixel reproductions and they are not as sharp as the original but they will give you an idea of the quality of the actual video. Use the “Sample” tag to find them all.

All downloads are FREE with the usual file sharing option of paying FBoom for faster downloads available to all ….

Use the following URL to begin a premium account for lightning fast downloads:


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