House of Terrors (1965)
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House of Terrors | 1965 (Japan) 6.4
Director: Hajime SatôWriter: Franco Dal Cer, Hajime TakaiwaStars: Kô Nishimura, Yûko Kusunoki, Shinjirô EbaraSummary: A man, Chonin Mitake, dies crazy after long agony, and his dead body is cremated. His widow Yoshi, investigating on the past of her husband, goes to the mansion where he had lived, a building aptly nicknamed "Satan's Pit" (a suggestive statue of Satan is situated in the atrium of the mansion) managed by a hunchbacked caretaker. Soon some visitors reach the house. the hunchbacked keeper warns...


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Hunchback Caretaker
Yoshie Munakata the Widow
Takashi Yamashita the Doctor's Assistant
Akemi Yokota the Deceased's Mistress
Kazuko Shirakawa the Girlfriend of Takashi
Isobe the Deceased's Lawyer
Dr. Keisuke Munakata the Uncle of Yoshie
Dr. Keisuke Munakata the Uncle of Yoshie
Tomoko the Niece of Yoshie
The Medium
Nurse Akiko Fujii

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Countries: JapanLanguages: Japanese


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